Dental care tips for the festive season!

Dental care tips for the festive season!

It’s the beginning of the festive season and this is when our homes will be filled with lots of sweets, chocolates, and candy. The period is full of tempting dinner invites with relatives, friends, and co-workers. It’s the time when we let our inhibitions go free to enjoy each moment. However, all this indulgence can take a toll on your teeth and smile. Here are 10 dental care tips to ensure you fully enjoy this season.

  1. Have sweets in moderation:

Sweets and desserts are an important part of our festivities. Keep a check on the number of sweets you consume. Also, instead of indulging in them throughout the day, have them only during meal times.

  1. Don’t skip your daily oral hygiene routine

The worst thing you can do during the festive season is to let go of your oral hygiene routine for a toss. Do not forget to brush your teeth at night at the end of a hectic, fun-filled day. Make sure you brush twice a day and make it a habit as well to floss. Using toothpaste that is fluoridated, helps avoid cavities.

  1. Drink more water

Drinking water after consuming sweets helps to flush out food particles, cleanses your mouth, and prevents the accumulation of plaque on your teeth.

  1. Chew sugar-free gum after consuming sweets

Chewing sugar-free gum keeps the mouth clean and increases the flow of saliva. The increased flow of saliva enhances our capacity to fight bacteria and prevent cavities.

  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages, aerated drinks, and citrus juices

Alcoholic beverages cause dry mouth and dehydration. People who consume too much may find their saliva flow decreased. This can lead to increased susceptibility to tooth decay. Aerated drinks contain sugar and acid, both of which harm your teeth. Orange juice or fresh-squeezed lemonade, are higher in acid than normal water, so limit their intake.

  1. Steer away from coloured foods:

Stay away from food high in artificial colouring and preservatives. Any food that can stain a white cotton t-shirt will stain your pearly whites.

  1. Carefully pick your snack

Be cautious this festive season about what you munch during the day. Do not snack on foods that are bad for your oral health, such as chips, sugar-laden items, etc. Almonds, cheese, carrots, fresh crunchy vegetables are some of the healthier things to snack on.

  1. Do not stress

We all get worried and stressed with the plans and preparations before the festival. What is less understood is that most of us appear to grind and clench our teeth while stressed out. This causes pain in the jaw, headache, and damaged teeth.

  1. Don’t use your teeth as a tool

When decorating and cleaning our house for the celebration, we seem to get carried away. Some use their teeth to untie knots, peel wires, open bottles and carry heavy objects. We just put our teeth at the centre of damage and injury by doing so.

  1. Schedule your dental appointment before the festival

It can be a busy time during the festival season. It is a good idea to pay a visit to your dentist for a check-up before the celebrations start. You will prevent potential toothache, dental sensitivity, tooth fractures, and even bad breath, symptoms that might ruin this special time of the year for you.

Festivals are a time to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest. Don’t let dental issues keep you away from enjoying this festive season. To keep a toothache at bay, follow these few basic instructions!

Dr. Paresh Lotlekar is a leading dental practitioner specialising in Periodontology & Oral implantology and the founder of STUDIO32 (studio32india.com), a chain of super speciality dental clinics in Goa.

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