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Dentistry For Children

Laying The Foundation For Bright And Healthy Smiles

Dentistry For Children is very important. Your child’s oral health is precious, and a key factor in their overall well-being. When it comes to your little ones, it is only natural to want the finest quality of treatment and comfort.

At Studio32, we assure just that. From habit counselling to monitoring their overall dental development, our panel of well-established pediatric dentists ensure your child’s journey to perfect oral health is a happy and memorable one. We understand that children tend to associate dental visits with feelings of fear and anxiety. Therefore, we carefully curate every step of our approach to guarantee a wholesome and positive experience for your child. We emphasise preventative and proactive dentistry so that your child does not have to undergo any major dental work in the future. 


Humans start teething when they are as young as 6 months old and develop their set of primary ‘milk’ teeth. However, these milk teeth form the basis of developing permanent teeth. If proper care is not taken the problems can emerge which will last a lifetime. In recent years the cases of caries in children have grown manifold. Therefore, it is always advised to start taking care of your baby’s teeth in the very early stages of their life. This includes setting Oral Hygiene routine and regular visits to pediatric dentist.


Pediatric Dentist work towards maintaining good oral health in kids. The treatment provided by them includes:

  • Examination of infants and teens. It includes the oral caries assessment in mothers and their kids

  • They are an expert is protecting your kids’ teeth by doing a fluoride treatment

  • Habit counseling in which the doctors help to keep the habits of kids in control

  • Correction of crooked and misaligned teeth

  • Treatment of tooth cavities

  • Treatment of dental injuries

Preventive Dentistry

Ignoring fundamental dental care in the formative years can lead to serious complications in the future. . We believe children shouldn’t have to experience the pain of tooth decay, damage or sensitivity to warrant a dental visit when they can be avoided by precautionary measures. Our pediatric dentists administer the procedure using fluoride gel, as it increases the inherent strength of the enamel of the tooth, thereby decreasing the chances of decay. We recommend children get this treatment every 3-6 months. We also conduct a simple 10-step procedure to protect the teeth from cavities and decay

Infection Control

It is a common misconception that milk teeth don’t need dental attention as they are meant to fall off and give way to permanent teeth. However, this is far from the truth. Milk teeth are natural space maintainers, which are vital to a child’s oral maturation. They are essential in developing the child’s occlusion, for chewing, and for speech development. If infected before their time of exfoliations, milk teeth can cause a lot of damage. At Studio32, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, which ensure total infection control that prevents the decay from percolating into the permanent teeth.

Strict Sterilization Protocols

We follow the most rigorous sterilization processes with utmost precision in order to prevent secondary and cross infections. Our standards of sterilization are in accordance with international protocols.

Decay Control In A Growing Child’s Jaw

Teeth can often decay to a point where basic remedial measures, like cavity fillings, may not suffice. If unchecked, the infection breaches the hard structures of the teeth and reaches the pulp of the tooth, which has a network of blood vessels. For adults, decay at this stage would require a root canal treatment. For children, however, this can be treated by a simple pulpectomy procedure followed by a crown that restores the shape and function of the tooth.

Habit Correction

Rectifying habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing at an early stage can prevent crooked teeth, and subsequently eliminate the need for braces altogether.

Trauma Relief

Children are prone to minor accidents, given their active nature. Fracturing the front teeth, permanent tooth falling out or even chipping off of teeth can be traumatic experiences for children. Our pediatric dentists are well-equipped to promptly deal with such situations. We aim to either place the fallen tooth back into the jaw or build the bone structure in a seamless manner so that the child is never self-conscious of the lost tooth.

Orthodontic Care

Our panel of highly trained orthodontists provide fixed, semi-fixed and removable orthodontic care for children of all age groups, starting as early as 4 years of age for the correction of non-aligned teeth. While parents tend to reserve orthodontic care for their children until their permanent teeth erupt, we believe in straightening crooked teeth for our young patients of all ages.


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