Why Your Dentist Would Recommend BRACES Even Though You May Have Straight Teeth?

Why Your Dentist Would Recommend BRACES Even Though You May Have Straight Teeth?

Many people opt for braces because they want a more attractive smile. A great smile will boost self-esteem significantly, which is beneficial to both children and adults. However, aesthetics isn’t the only reason to straighten your teeth. There are several non-cosmetic advantages of braces, and I’ve put together this guide to share with you.

1. Better Oral Health

Brushing and flossing thoroughly should be part of your everyday hygiene routine, but when your teeth are crooked, crowded, or overlapping, this can be difficult. This creates an environment that encourages plaque formation and bacterial growth. This can lead to a variety of problems, including cavities, gum infections, and poor breath. Braces can correct overcrowding and crooked teeth by moving them into the proper positions. This simplifies oral hygiene and helps you maintain your oral health.

2. Better Chewing

People with misaligned teeth and jaws find it difficult to bite and chew food properly. When this happens for a long period, the teeth may become worn out. The teeth cannot play their part in breaking down the food as efficiently as they should. If your teeth are not well positioned, braces will straighten them for better alignment and help in eating and chewing. When people can chew more effectively, their food can be digested more quickly and thoroughly. 

3. Correct Speech Issues

Did you know that our speech is influenced by our teeth? Your pronunciation of words would likely be impaired if your teeth are not aligned properly. The way your teeth are arranged may trigger a speech impediment, most commonly lisps, or difficulties forming c, z, s, t’s, and the “th” sound, depending on the nature and intensity of your malocclusion. Whistling while speaking is another consequence of malocclusion. Braces will align your teeth correctly allowing you to talk clearly and confidently.

4. Correct Jaw Joint Problems

Misaligned teeth and jaw joint problems go hand in hand. Painful chewing, headaches, sleep disorders, clicking in the joint are some of the signs and symptoms of jaw joint problem. Braces better aligns teeth and jaws, preventing these kinds of problems.

Most people believe that having braces is for crooked teeth only. But the fact is, there are several other reasons why your dentist would recommend cementing brackets on your teeth. Understanding these reasons would help you make an informed decision concerning your treatment. 

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