The name trusted in dental tourism is Studio32. We have mastered the art to give your smile a complete makeover and ensure it stays that way. Our experts use the best of technology and ensure you are taken care off like at home. High standards of quality and hygiene precede our name. Like the name, it’s nothing less than a studio that ensures you go back with an achievement of the best smile.

Why is Studio 32 the best choice for dental tourism?

With dental tourism gaining popularity we at Studio32 are ensuring that we leave no stone unturned for you. We believe to offer services that leave clients with the feeling of value for their money. We go the extra mile in ensuring that every penny is worth spending and more. Goa being an international destination we at Studio32 have built facilities at international standards and offer services at affordable rates during your dental tourism. So go ahead and make the premium choice at Studio32 for your dental vacation.

Our Team

Best in class professional and handpicked masters of the art in dentistry. They love their profession and we ensure they are up to speed with everything in the market. Everyone is proficient in English so that it’s very easy to communicate and there is no language barrier.

Our technology and Service

Our systems and machinery used to cater to every need of our client are unchallenged. Hygiene and safety is our highest priority for client service. Our services are as per international standards where every drop contains excellence. Our emphasis is on perfecting the strategy towards giving you the perfect smile.

Our Cost & Transparency

Ideal pricing to give your purse a smile in comparison to any developed country in the world. Transparency with our clients is maintained at all steps. They are given complete information with regards to substitutes so that clients can play a dynamic role in their treatments and are evidently showcased estimations for each for them to choose from.