Why do you have to visit a dentist once in 6 months?

Why do you have to visit a dentist once in 6 months?

Have you ever wondered why your dentist recommends you to visit him/her for a routine check-up once in six months? And how many of us do visit the dentist without any perceived problem? And why do we resist going to the dentist?

Some people believe that as long as there is no trouble, there is no need to visit the dentist. Some others are just purely petrified with the anxiety they face waiting in the dental clinic and will do anything to avoid it. So, the concept of visiting a dentist without a problem is a long shot for them.

The reason why the dentist recommends you to visit him/her twice a year is to treat those dental problems that you might be unaware of at the earliest. Here are 5 such problems which can remain undetected.

  • Dental problem #1: Black spots on your teeth:
    You might not know but there can be black spots (stains/cavities) on some surfaces of your teeth that might not really be visible to you. The dentist is trained to identify these cavities and treat them before it causes more damage. Cavities may need a filling or stains may need a round or two of cleaning.
  • Dental problem #2: Chipped teeth
    You may have bitten on a hard food item weeks ago and forgotten about it. But there is a possibility that the impacted tooth might have chipped. It would have pained you for a day or two, and once the pain diminished, you decided to ignore it. Visit the dentist and show him/her if the tooth is fine. A build up or a filling is generally recommended. If the chipping is extensive, you may have to undergo a root canal. Visiting a dentist may prevent further damage to the tooth.
  • Dental problem #3: Impacted teeth/ transposed teeth
    You may have visited the dentist for treatment with a certain problem, but on taking an X-ray, you end up noticing maligned third molars. Your dentist will examine you and see if there is any damage or potential damage that is occurring to adjacent teeth.
  • Dental problem #4: Gingivitis
    Toothbrushing twice a day is not a foolproof method to prevent tartar formation. There are surfaces and crevices your brush can’t reach, some interdental areas that cannot be flossed leading to gum infection. Gingivitis treatment if not administered on time can result in bone loss which is irreversible damage.

Now that you are aware, it is time you act on it!! If it is past 6 months, do visit your dentist. Keep a calendar check. Keep smiling!!

About the author:
Dr. Paresh Lotlekar is the Founder and CEO at Studio32 Dental Care Pvt. Ltd., a chain of super specialty dental clinics in Goa. He has completed his BDS from Goa Dental College and Hospital and MDS in Periodontology and Oral Implantology from the prestigious KLE University, Belgaum. He offers passionate insight and smart advice on oral health and wellness through his blogs. Connect with him at drpareshlotlekar@gmail.com.

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