Why Dentists suggest you Tooth cap after Root Canal?

After a root canal treatment, the dentist generally advises you to get capping done, doesn't he? This article is to stress upon the need for you to get caps on RCT treated teeth and its advantages.

"In my practice, a lot of people ask me is it really essential to get a cap for the tooth done. This hesitancy factor comes after root canal treatment because the patient is pain-free and cap only adds to their treatment cost," says Dr. Paresh Lotlikar, CEO, Studio32 Super Speciality Dental Clinics.


Are caps and crowns the same thing?

Yes. Tooth caps are also referred to as crowns. They resemble a tooth and cover all the visible portion above the gums.


Why is it important to crown/cap the tooth after a root canal?

When a root canal treatment is performed, the infected nerves and blood of the tooth are removed and the tooth is made symptom-free but is now brittle. Although the infection is removed, the strength of the tooth is lost. To regain this lost strength, a cap/crown is placed over the tooth.


What happens when the strength of the tooth is lost?

On biting food, there is a chance that the treated tooth might break/fracture. Once the tooth breaks, it has to be removed.


Are there different types of caps?

There are a lot of varieties of caps. To replace the front teeth, tooth-colored caps are given to make it aesthetic. To replace the back teeth, tooth-colored or metal caps can be given.


How is the capping procedure done?

The dentist performs a few steps in which he/she prepares the tooth to receive the cap/crown. Measurements of every individual are taken separately according to their tooth shape and sent to the laboratory. Depending on the type of cap you and your dentist have collectively selected, the laboratory will fabricate the cap and send it to your dentist. The dentist will then cement this cap over your tooth.


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