When do you need Braces?

There may be instances when you must have felt you or your child’s teeth aren’t aligned properly. Irregular or crooked teeth make people self-conscious while smiling which greatly affects their self-confidence. Having healthy self-esteem and self-confidence is paramount for a successful future. The benefits of proper orthodontic treatment or braces are wide ranging from health benefits to cosmetic improvements. So here are some queries you might have before you undergo orthodontics or braces treatment

What is orthodontic treatment?

It is a corrective dental treatment where wires and brackets are fixed on your teeth for aligning them. There are more extensive treatments in orthodontics as well which is decided on a case to case basis by the concerned orthodontist.

Who is an orthodontist?

An Orthodontist completes three years of additional post graduation program (Masters) after graduating as a general dentist. The degree should be recognized by the Dental Council of India. It’s important to get the treatment done only by an orthodontist because they are the most knowledgeable in the science and art of tooth movement. Ask your dentist if an orthodontist visits the clinic.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are alternatives to metal and ceramic braces and wires. These are custom made aligners (transparent plastic trays) that you wear throughout the day except during eating and brushing. However, it’s important to know that invisible braces are not for everyone. The orthodontist is the best person to decide whether invisible is the right treatment option for you. In Goa, there are only a few dental clinics who offer invisible braces. Studio32 is one of them.

How long will the orthodontic treatment take?

It is important to understand that orthodontic treatment does not yield results overnight. It typically takes a year and a half (sometimes less, sometimes more) depending on the individual to individual.

Can adults undergo orthodontic treatment?

Adults most definitely can undergo orthodontic treatment.

What should be kept in mind when you are undergoing orthodontics?

Appointments should be adhered to strictly during the treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment is very important. Follow the dentist’s/orthodontist’s instructions after every appointment.

In case of any query, do call or visit us – Our internationally trained orthodontists at Studio32 will be happy to address your questions.

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