How Studio32 Gives Back

A smile crosses all boundaries and we firmly believe that “Everyone has the right to Smile”

Oral health is a challenge in developing countries and India too is one of them. Most of the population lack the knowledge of basic oral health care which creates the demand to increase education and create avenues for easy dental service access. More than 50% of the population in India suffers from dental issues based on notes from National Oral Health Program and at adulthood, this issue rises to 86% and above and if not catered to, repercussions can lead to social isolation. Dental services are underutilized due to multiple influencing factors. Another issue is the availability of the workforce to address the issue. The negligence towards oral health is created due to the broken education link between general and oral health.

A smile speaks the same language across the globe. We desire to elevate the community with regards to oral health. With your help and support, we can stimulate the community towards positive change—one person, one smile, one neighborhood, one mile at a time.


Community Outreach Programs

The fact that changing a person’s smile can make a world of a difference in their life is so true. Dental health plays a vital role in a person’s overall health. Studies show enough indication that poor oral health can have adverse effects. With the connection between oral health and chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke-it is more important to maintain oral health. The lesser income group is the most easily influenced group at risk due to low knowledge and lesser focus towards oral health care. The average income group in society is also at risk due to low dental coverage in the community.

This is the gateway for Studio32 on the screen to help and give back to the community and improve overall dental health. This program involves conducting oral health educational sessions along with dental and oral screening in large and small organizations, old age home and orphanages. We also partner with charitable organizations and extend our support to provide oral healthcare to ones in need.


School Dental Program

Having good oral health attributes to a child’s success in school and later in life too. Poor oral health can have antagonistic effects on a child. The study showcases that a child suffering from poor oral health is 12 times more perspective to have days with limited activity and also skip school from those who don’t. Notably, losing a tooth can directly impact the nutritional intake of the child and subsequently influence their growth and development too. The school dental program is aimed at decreasing these threats at the early stages.


Our Approach


An oral screening test is conducted twice a year by our dentist. This screening helps in detecting substantial tooth decays and complications that need immediate consideration. This data is combined into a report that gets discussed with parents for further action.

Dental health education

Dental health education is concentrated on encouraging ideal dental techniques like tooth brushing and nutrition to have healthy teeth. This education also focuses on eliminating behaviours that will lead to dental problems.

Parents outreach program

Parents play a paramount role in their children’s oral health by creating an environment towards positive oral care and health. In the outreach program parents are enlightened on importance of oral health, adversities or oral diseases and precautionary health practices. This in turn reflects the culture instilled[6] [BL7]  ​by the parent towards dental care.

School staff education

Many are not aware of actions to be taken during dental emergency. Our experts share advice on actions to be taken during such crisis to protect traumatised tooth/teeth. They are also educated on how to avoid tooth loss and related issues in later life. This helps build a culture towards oral health.

School Expeditions and Adaptation

Dental care activities should start from the pre-school period so that the apprehension of dental check-up vanishes. We orchestrate sessions in pre-schools to make kids friendly with dental procedures and get introduced to dental health.


  • Tour to our Clinics
  • Introduction with our experts and dental clinic
  • Understanding of various apparatuses used during treatment
  • Exclusion of uncertainties by trying out on dental equipment and tools

Show and Tell

  • Storytelling related to dentistry
  • Right brushing techniques
  • Focus on nutrition
  • Quiz with prizes to recap on what has been taught

Dental Screening

  • Assessment of child’s oral health
  • Providing precautionary information
  • Knowledge to improve oral health

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