How To Care For A Broken Tooth?

There is no regrowth in teeth like our nails if they’re chipped, cracked or broken. They remain that way until we get them fixed by our dentist.

Common cause of these breaks can include:

Chewing on something hard

Trauma to face due to accident

Injury from sports

Neglect in getting cavities fixed can lead to teeth becoming brittle and break.

Over a period of time, large and old amalgam fillings, where the remaining of the natural tooth can become brittle.

You may not experience immediate pain from broken/chipped teeth. However, if the break has travelled to the nerve you will experience discomfort occasionally while chewing and sensitivity to hot and cold.

Irrespective of the pain, all the breaks need to be investigated by your dentist as soon as possible in order to determine the health and satiability of the tooth and suggest further treatment to prevent deterioration or problems.

Treatment for fractures and broken teeth

For teeth that are heavily fractured and are seriously broken might require complex treatments as they could have been caused by cavity.

A large cavity can lead to fractures and breaks, if left, they will become extremely painful for the person. Not only that, but tooth cavities can also lead to infections along the exposed area of gum line and pulp (nerves, root canal and connective tissue).  In cases such as these, root canal treatment might be necessary.

What to do if you break your tooth?

If you chip/break your teeth here are few steps to follow before you book an appointment with your dentist:

Rinse your mouth immediately out with warm water

Try applying pressure on any bleeding areas using wet teabag or a


Administer an icepack to your cheek to check for any swelling

You can use a painkiller such as paracetamol if it’s too painful.

Cover any broken teeth with saliva, milk or saline solution

Don’t brush your broken tooth, get an appointment with your dentist immediately. Your dentist can instruct you the best course of action.


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