Expectant mothers with Gum disease are more likely to have baby with complications!

Yes. You read that right. Gum disease can increase the risk to your baby 7 times!!!

If you are pregnant or considering to have a child, you have a list of do’s and don’ts, right? Do not smoke, consume alcohol, etc.  Have you ever been told gum disease can complicate your pregnancy?


  1. Gum disease causes premature delivery

Research indicates that if you have gum disease, the bacteria in your mouth cause certain substances to get released into your body (called as prostaglandins) which trigger the immune system and lead to premature babies. And the risk relationship associated between these two is a lot more than that of smoking or alcohol.


  1. Gum disease causes low birth weight babies

Premature babies generally are associated with respiratory problems, chances of increased infection and have low birth weight.


  1. Gum disease can contribute to pre-eclampsia

It is a condition that increases your blood pressure. Few studies have shown a link between gum disease and pre-eclampsia.


  1. Dental treatment is restricted during the first and the third trimester of pregnancy

During the first trimester, the vital organs are developing. X-rays, painkillers, and anesthetics are avoided. In the third trimester, there is an increased risk of premature delivery. Treatment, that too on an emergency basis, can be performed in the second trimester.

For all our lovely, young to-be mothers, here are our 5 tips for you:

  1. Make sure you visit a dentist/ gum specialist and get your oral hygiene checked before you get pregnant. Routine cleaning of your teeth can help you protect your baby. Get all treatment done to avoid dental emergency during pregnancy. This way, while you are pregnant, you avoid taking extra painkillers, X-rays, and anesthesia.
  1. You may develop vomiting or nausea at times. Make sure you don’t skip brushing twice daily for these reasons.
  1. Make sure you get your blood sugar checked. There is a condition called “gestational diabetes” which pregnant women suffer from. If you have high sugar, make sure you get it checked or the gum disease escalates.


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