Don’t avoid a dentist for these 3 silly reasons!!

It is not new that dental treatment is dreaded by most people and dentists carry the image of barbarians. “I have had people telling me it is easier to undergo cardiac surgery but not dental treatment,” says Dr. Paresh Lotlekar, Founder and CEO, Studio32. You may not want to visit a dentist for one of these reasons. This article is written specifically to absolve your fears.


  1. The appointment with the dentist is always painful!

First and foremost, it is a common misconception that dental treatment will be painful and when there is no obvious problem, why visit the dentist. Why deliberately undergo a painful treatment?

“The routine dental treatment is not painful. Visiting a dentist for a routine check-up can help you identify cavities at a very early age and prevent the need for root canals and extractions. It is best to visit your dentist once in 6 months,” recommends Dr. Paresh.


  1. Dental treatment is so expensive!!

People avoid dental treatment for as long as they possibly can for economic reasons. It is a notion that visiting a dentist without any apparent problem is a rip-off. Dental treatments are expensive and it is better to avoid it for as long as possible. When a problem will actually arise, it makes sense to spend money.

Dr. Paresh says “Cavities that are not filled at the initial stages require root canal treatments, extractions, and implants which are expensive as compared to routine check-ups, scaling and dental fillings. If you wait to get care, it usually is going to cost you a lot later.”


  1. Why should I visit a dentist when I have no pain?

You think you have no problem. But that’s not the reality. There is a marked difference between the actual and the apparent. Just because there is no symptom, doesn’t mean there is no problem.

According to Dr. Paresh, “Initial cavities and gum problems are not painful. As a result, it tends to get ignored. Often the symptoms only become visible when the problem becomes worse. So it’s important for a routine check-up to identify problems in the beginning stages.”

Keep in mind that your dentist is your partner in oral health. So choose wisely. Make good decisions. Stay healthy!!


About the Author:

Dr. Paresh Lotlekar is the Founder and CEO at Studio32 Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. He has completed his BDS from Goa Dental College and Hospital and MDS from the prestigious KLE University, Belgaum. He offers passionate insight and smart advice on oral health and wellness through his blogs. Connect with him at

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