We all have heard of dental implants, haven’t we?? Your dentist must have probably suggested one. But apart from knowing that it is a screw used to replace a missing tooth, we don’t know much really. This brings us to today’s article – dental implants.

We invited Founder and CEO of Studio32, Dr. Paresh Lotlekar to answer some of the frequently asked questions by patients on dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Dr. Paresh: These are structures made of a titanium screw which are fitted into the jaw bone and used to replace missing teeth.


Why are they preferred?

Dr. Paresh: It has a very high success rate. The titanium screw goes into the bone and gets completely integrated. This makes it very rigid over which the tooth-like portion is screwed. It can last for over 20 years. It also prevents unnecessary cutting of adjacent tooth for support like in bridges. The adjacent tooth eventually decays and has to be treated later on. All these problems are avoided by the use of dental implants.


Which implant is the best for me?

Dr. Paresh: Implants are selected by the dentist after getting various scans done. An implant which is good for you, may not be good for someone else. It is based on individual requirements. The selection of an implant depends on various factors such as the amount of bone available, whether it is a front or a back tooth, etc. Make sure you discuss with your dentist about the implant he/she has selected for you.


Will the implant surgery be painful?

Dr. Paresh: As the surgery is done under local anesthesia, the surgery is painless. Although, the feeling of pressure will be there.


How much time does it take to finish an implant surgery?

Dr. Paresh: The time duration typically depends on how many implants have to be fixed. If more than one implant has to be fitted, it could take a couple of hours to get the surgery completed. But depending upon the complexity involved, it should be ideally discussed with your treating dentist at the start of the procedure.

Stay tuned for part 2 on dental implants where Dr. Paresh will be answering more queries on dental implants. If you have any questions kindly post in the comments section below.


About the Author:

Dr. Paresh Lotlekar is the Founder and Director of Studio32 Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. He has completed his BDS from Goa Dental College and Hospital and MDS in Periodontology and Oral Implantology from the prestigious KLE University, Belgaum. He offers passionate insight and smart advice on oral health and wellness through his blogs. Connect with him at drpareshlotlekar@gmail.com

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