8 tips to maintain your Dentures

We generally see that in elderly patients, fixed tooth options are minimal. This is because many teeth are lost, enough tooth and bone support are not available. Because of such problems that come our way, we suggest removable dentures.

Haven’t you observed many old people wearing dentures which they remove and soak in water at night? Is that the only precautionary measure or are there some more? This article gives you detailed tips on how to care for your removable dentures. Knowing these tips can help you educate the elderly in the house and saves frequent dental visits and added expenses.

Removable dentures don’t come cheap. They are expensive appliances made in the laboratory taking all your measurements. They help you perform day to day activities.

“When you have invested time, effort and money in getting your dentures made, a few tips will help you care for them,” says Dr. Paresh Lotlikar, CEO, Studio32 Super Speciality Dental Clinics.

  1. They have to be brushed daily with a soft toothbrush like the way we perform regular toothbrushing.
  1. They have to be removed after every meal and cleaned. This removes food debris stuck on the denture. It should be kept in mind that tartar can form on dentures just like natural teeth if not removed and cleaned regularly.
  1. They are brittle appliances. Avoid dropping it while cleaning. Place a towel or a soft object below it. If it is dropped, there are high chances it might crack/break.
  1. Do not use excessively hot/cold water. It may distort the denture and result in misfit.
  1. Detergents to clean dentures are available. Ask your dentist/ prosthodontist for an appropriate cleaning tablet/detergent to soak and wash your denture with.
  1. When not in use, make sure it is kept in water. Leaving it out in open can cause the denture material to get distorted.
  1. Make sure you remove it at night and keep it in water. Do this every night without fail. This allows your gums to breathe and not become sore.
  1. If your gums have become sore at certain spots, it is likely that your denture is interfering at those areas. Remove the denture and allow the sore spot to heal. Visit your dentist and get your denture trimmed/replaced.


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