5 oral care tips for your baby

Like any other concerned parent, you want to know how to take care of your baby’s teeth. Are there methods of oral care even before the teeth start erupting? Well yes. There’s that and more. Infants usually don’t develop teeth till 6 months of age. But oral care is important from the very beginning.

Here are five great tips for your baby’s oral hygiene:


  1. Clean the child’s gums with a damp washcloth

Till the first tooth erupts, you don’t need a toothbrush or toothpaste. But cleaning of the gums after feeding can be done with the help of a damp, clean cloth wrapped around your finger.


  1. Massage the gums to help in teething

If you think your baby is gnawing onto everything in sight, it probably means that he/she is teething. You will notice red bumps on the gumline. Do not worry.  Massaging the gums with your clean finger will keep your baby at ease. There are no clinical data recommending teething gels/ tablets. Give cold food items like cold bananas. If he/she develops a cold or a fever associated with this, it will be better to show a doctor.


  1. Take care of baby teeth from the time they erupt

It is a presumption to not care for baby’s decayed teeth as they will eventually fall off and be replaced by adult ones. Their first teeth help them chew and keep space intact for the budding adult teeth. Do not leave your child with milk in the mouth for long. In cases of extensive decay, it can spread downward and affect the adult teeth beneath it. If you see black spots or pitting, get them filled to prevent worsening of the condition.


  1. Brushing the first teeth

Use a small toothbrush with a head that fits the mouth of the child. Use a fluoride-free toothpaste which is harmless even if your baby swallows a little bit accidentally. Use a pea-sized amount on a small toothbrush for your child twice a day.


  1. Schedule a dental visit

It is a mandate to schedule a dental visit when the first tooth erupts. A visit to the dentist, more specifically, a pediatric dentist can help in taking good care of your child’s baby teeth.

Taking care of your child’s pearly whites from the very beginning will help you prevent the need for extensive treatment in the later stages. Visiting a dentist from time to time will also help you establish good dental habits.


About the author:

Dr. Paresh Lotlekar is the Founder and CEO at Studio32 Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. He has completed his BDS from Goa Dental College and Hospital and MDS from the prestigious KLE University, Belgaum. He offers passionate insight and smart advice on oral health and wellness through his blogs. Connect with him at drpareshlotlekar@gmail.com.

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